Douglas DC-3 / C-47 / Sky Train / R4D/ Dakota / etc. 140″ Wingspan



Designer: Ziroli  

Scale; 1/8th

Wing Span; 140”

Wing Area 1500 sq. in.

Length;  99 in.

Weight;  45 – 50 lbs. 

Engine; 2   Quadra 35’s or 2 Zenoah 38’s


The DC-3 is one of the most iconic aircraft designs since the Wright Bros.first flew. It brought aviation to the commercial air travel industry. It was the most dependable and safest aircraft of it’s time. Supreme Commander of the European theater of WWII, General Eisenhower said the C-47(DC-3) won the war for the allies.

Introduce in 1935, it quickly gained popularity with the airlines and most brands had them in their fleet. The army bought them as C-47’s, the Navy bought them as RD-4’s, the Royal Air Force bought them as Dakota.

Considered by most as the greatest aircraft of it’s time, if not all time. It could carry up to 28 passengers, which made Airlines profitable, 6,000 lbs. of cargo, cruise speed of 207 mph and a range of 1,500 miles.

Original unit cost was $79,500.00 ($1,500,000.00 today) and throughout it’s life, spawned a profitable airline industry, won a war, and of the 600 plus aircraft that were built, many are still flying today ( 80+ years) in various duties in countries around the world.


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