SUPERMARINE S6b 100″ Winner of final Schneider Trophy Race 1931



Designer:   Jim Pepino

Scale:           ¼  @ 85 inches

Wing Span:   85 inches

Sport Wing:  100 inches *

Length w/floats:   83.5 inches


Legendary designer, R.J. Mitchell designed 4 Schneider Trophy winning aircraft. His latest was the Supermarine S6b. The 1929 Schneider Trophy winner was a S6 so with funding withdrawn, Mitchell made a few modifications to the S6 and installed the larger more powerful Rolls Royce 2,300 hp supercharged R engine for the 1931 Schneider event.  This proved sufficient to permanently win the Schneider Trophy for England and set a new world speed record over 400 mph, 407 mph. This aircraft cemented RJ Mitchell as a major designer and his follow up was the iconic Supermarine Spitfire.

This model by Jim Pepino was the most built of any of the Schneider aircraft for the Re-Enactment held in Lake Havasu City, AZ . * Schneider Cup Re-Enactment Rules required 100” for monoplanes.

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 28 × 12 in


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