North American B25 Mitchell 118″ Wingspan



North American B-25 Mitchell

Designer:   Nick Ziroli

Scale:    1.5″ = 1′

Wingspan:    118 in.

Length:    92 in.

Wing Area:    2400

Weight:    35 – 40 pounds

Power Required:    23cc (gas), 0.90-1.08 cu. in. (glow) / 38cc (gas), (2 required)

Built by North American Aircraft, the B-25 medium range bomber was selected to be the aircraft that would strike back at the Japanese homeland. This daring raid was the brain child of Lt. Col. James (Jimmy) Doolittle who led the raid. He and 16 crews were trained to fly from a short field. The reason was that the raid would be launched from an aircraft carrier. Discovered early, they were forced to launch before they were within safe range and all aircraft were lost, but not before they shocked the Japanese and let them know, this war is not over. The B-25 was named after a forward thinking General Billy Mitchell, who forecast the attack on Pearl Harbor years before but was ignored by top brass.


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