North American AT-6 Texan/SNJ/Harvard 100″ Wingspan



Designer: Ziroli

Wing Span: 100”

Length:   68”

Wing Area: 15005 sq. in.

Weight: 32 to 38 lbs.

Engines: 3.5 to 5.2 cu. in gas


One of the most recognizable aircraft of all time. During some 50 plus years of active service, it was a part of 62 nations air forces. The AT-6 first flight was in 1938 and during WWII is was the primary advance trainer for the allies. The Army Air Force called it the AT-6, the Navy and Marines called it the SNJ and the British, Canadian and Australian Air Forces called it the Harvard.  

Whatever you called it, it became the trainer between primary or basic trainer and the fighter aircraft the pilot would eventually fly. It was all metal and acted much the same as the fighter, capable of most all maneuvers required of a fighter.  

The T6 has been employed in air show performers like the Condor Squadron, CAF and used in movies as itself and also as pretend Japanese Zero aircraft in many movies.

With over 15,000 manufactured, it is little wonder that many are still flying today.  The last official service from an air force was retired in 1995.  Great flying aircraft and easy to maintain, it has become a favorite of aviation buffs to own and one of the largest classes in racing at the National Championship Air Races.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 6 in


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