Hughes H-1 Racer 80″ Wingspan



Designer:   Katz / Pepino

Scale:    2.5″ = 1′

Wingspan:    80 in.

Length:    64.5″

Wing Area:  1285 sq. “

Weight:   16 pounds

Power Required:  9 to 1.2 4 stroke engine

Howard Hughes was a millionaire that was involved in movies and
oil drilling equipment but had a passion for aircraft, fast aircraft.  In 1935 he gave the specs for a single engine racing plane to his chief designer, Richard Palmer.
In 1936 Hughes set a world land based record of 352 mile per hour.
Later he lengthened the wing and set a Transcontinental world speed record in the H-1 Racer.  It was the first aircraft to utilize flush rivets. The polished aluminum
fuselage was beautiful, smooth and a streamlined.  It had retractable main gear and a skid for the tail wheel.


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