Cessna L19/01 Bird dog 108″ Wingspan



Cessna L-19/01 “Bird Dog”

Designer:   Roy Vaillancourt

Scale:  1/5th

Wingspan:     108 in.

Length:    58 in

Wing Area:    1003 sq. in. / 1415 sq. in.

Weight:    11 –  14 Pounds / 18 – 24 pounds

Power Required:    Zenoah G-23, or equiv. / Zenoah G-35, Quadra Q-42 (gas)

When the Army Air Corp split off into the Air Force, the Army was looking for an artillery observation and liaison aircraft similar to the Piper and Stinson of WWII that were fabric covered, but one that was all metal for longer service life. Cessna created the L-19 Bird Dog by modifying their 170. The 305A as Cessna called it, had angled side windows for better observation, transparent area in the wing above the cockpit and transparent rear so they could see all around them. The Army ordered 418 and they proved to be exactly what the Army wanted.

Weight 4.3 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 6 in


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