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Kit Cutters FAQs

How do I navigate your website?

You can use the upper navigation bar, which is located at the top of most of our pages on the website, to navigate to the main sections of our website. There are also links in the footer of the website located on nearly every page of the website. Lastly, there are inline links throughout the site.

How can I find a particular kit?

The best way to locate a particular kit is by using the search feature located to the left of our logo in the header. Simply type the name of the airplane into the box provided and click on the magnifying glass. Alternately if you do not know the name of the plane but do know the name of the designer, you could type that into the search box, which would then show results for all kits that were designed by that designer. 

Who is Kit Cutters LLC?

Kit Cutters LLC is owned and operated by three RC enthusiasts, two of which are also longtime builders themselves who want to give back to the hobby they love. To learn more about us, please see our about page.

Why should I place my kit order with Kit Cutters?

Kit Cutters is entirely independent of all designers, wood suppliers, magazines, clubs, or groups. Our loyalty is to our customers, not to any business alliance. Kit Cutters does not push any particular designer, and frankly, many of the less famous designers are the best and provide the most detailed plans. Also, all of Kit Cutter's wood is sealed in a nitrogen-purged plastic packaging to preserve the freshness of the wood and control moisture. The wood quality is the best that is available. We always supply the wood specified on the customer's plans or better and never substitute without the customer's approval. After you order a kit from Kit Cutters, you will be contacted through regular emails to keep you abreast of the progress of your order.

Why are kits cut in the Southwest better than those cut elsewhere?

Kits cut in the southwest United States are not subject to the extreme changes in temperature and humidity that other areas experience. The paint will not adhere properly, and the glue joints will be substantially weaker. Most kits parts are made of either balsa or plywood, both of which are highly susceptible to moisture absorption.

How long does it usually take to cut a giant scale kit?

It usually takes about 40-60 hours to cut a giant scale kit depending on the number of pieces and complexity. However, due to several other factors, such as having to order specialty materials to complete your package, packaging, and shipping, and many others, it can take up to 4 weeks or more to receive your kit. 

Does Kit Cutters offer partial kits?

Yes, we do offer partial kits. Our "short kits" include only the ribs, formers, and all the cut parts. Our "former kits" consists of all wood to complete the fuselage, including the sheeting/skin. Our "wing kits" include all wood to complete the wing/wings, including the sheeting/skin. Plus, you can contact us with your requirements, and we will give you a quotation to match your exact needs.


Does Kit Cutters cut kits for fiberglass fuselages?

Yes, we do cut for fiberglass fuselages at very competitive rates. Usually, plane designers have unique plan sets for fiberglass fuselages. Kit Cutters currently does not have many fiberglass fuselage kit drawings, so you would probably have to send us your plans.

Does Kit Cutters cut kits from enlarged plans?

Yes, Kit Cutters does cut kits from enlarged plans; however, be warned that the enlargement process may result in poor fitting joints and other problems.

How does Kit Cutters cut their kits?

Kit Cutters uses modern laser equipment, which is capable of cutting with a high degree of accuracy. Thicker parts, 1/2" or more, will be cut using a combination of laser cutting and machining technologies.

Does Kit Cutters offer laser-cut kits?

All of our kits are laser cut. No exceptions.

I have plans for a XXX can you guys cut me a kit from them?

As long as your plans include full-size drawings of all the parts needed for the build, we can develop cut files for that plane. If that is the case, we will give you a quote for a kit before going any further.

How do I get a quote for a kit not listed on your website?

We have well over 2000 plans already scanned that are waiting to have cut files developed for them. To get a quote, send us an email with as much detail as possible (name of the plane, designer, wingspan) to [email protected] with Request For Quote in the subject line.

Are my plans damaged in the kit cutting process?

No, they are not, Kit Cutters does not use them in the kit cutting process. Therefore, your plans are returned to you exactly the way you sent them to Kit Cutters. They will be sent back to you with your order.

Why is Kit Cutters wood sealed in plastic?

We seal all of our wood parts in plastic to prevent moisture absorption into the wood. Also, if you purchase a kit from our stock, we want this wood to be the freshest condition possible. Kit Cutter's wood is not only hermetically sealed in 3 mil plastic, but also purged with nitrogen to minimize wood deterioration. All wood, including paper products, slowly deteriorates (burns) and discolors with exposure to the air (oxygen). Our sealing equipment is the same equipment used to seal sterilized surgical instruments. We do not use zip-lock, red line, or any other domestic food bags.

Why are Kit Cutters' shipping containers so big and strong?

We take great pride in our product and do not want damage to occur in shipment. All of our kits are packaged to minimize movement inside the shipping container. Kit Cutters uses bubble wrap and fill to ensure your model kit arrives in perfect condition without damaged parts or wood dents. It's very discouraging to the model builder to assemble a model that has components that are damaged and discolored from exposure to the elements.

Does Kit Cutters accept credit cards, personnel checks, or money orders?

Yes, we do accept credit cards (MasterCard or VISA), personnel checks, or money orders. Personnel checks may delay order shipment until the check clears.  

Does Kit Cutters offer a secure payment method over the internet?

Yes, we do accept credit cards (MasterCard or VISA), and all online transactions are secure.

Does Kit Cutters require a deposit with a kit order?

We usually do not require a deposit except for very particular orders. If you, as a customer, do not want to take delivery of a kit that you have ordered, just give us a call, and we will be happy to cancel your order. Once your package is shipped, you will have to pay for one way of the shipping costs if you later decide to return the kit to Kit Cutters. If a deposit was required when you placed your order, the deposit would usually have to be forfeited. 

Can I get a discount on multiple kit orders?

Yes, and our shopping cart is programmed to accommodate this.

How can I order a kit?

Navigate to the sales page and click the add to cart button. From there you can continue shopping or check out.

Does Kit Cutters offer a guarantee?

Yes, Kit Cutters does offer a guarantee on all kits. If you are not completely satisfied with your kit and wish to return it within 30 days of delivery, simply send it back in the original packaging in the same condition you received it. Return shipping is on you. 

What is Kit Cutters' return policy?

To return a kit, you must contact Kit Cutters via email for us to make the return arrangements. 

Can I return specific parts of my plane that I consider to be sub-standard?

To return kit parts, you must contact Kit Cutters via email; we will remanufacture your components to meet your expectations.

What kind and grade of wood does Kit Cutters use?

Kit Cutters uses the best available grade as specified on your plans. We never substitute materials without the customer's permission. All of our wood comes from suppliers such as Lone Star, Superior, or National Balsa.

Does Kit Cutters fly what you make?

Yes, we not only fly the aircraft we manufacture, but we also build them. We are builders ourselves, and we understand what the builder needs and wants in a quality kit.

Can I visit the Kit Cutters' manufacturing facility?

No, unfortunately, we have had several break-ins recently and no longer permit visitation to our manufacturing facilities. Also, for those who have visited us in the past, we have moved to a more secure location.

Does Kit Cutters communicate with their customers during the kit cutting process?

Yes, Kit Cutters will email you the progress along with an updated schedule and answer any questions you have regarding your kit. 

Can I suggest additional model airplanes for your website?

Yes, you can simply send Kit Cutters an email with the details on how to contact the designer to obtain the plans. We would be happy to list your favorite plane or line of aircraft on our website.  

Why does the Kit Cutters' website have so many plane models?

Kit Cutters wants to provide the builder with as many choices as possible. To that end, we will cut any kit as long as we can find plans. If you have a plan, you would like us to cut a kit for simply send it to us, and we will quote you a price and cut you a kit if you so desire. 

Can I comment on errors in the Kit Cutters' website?

Yes, please send us an email if you find typos or have suggestions to improve the website.

Can I suggest additional planes for the Kit Cutters' website?

Yes, we encourage you to suggest additional planes that you would like to see included on the website.  

Do you sell plans and accessories?

Yes, we do sell plans and some accessories, and we plan on expanding in the area as we grow.

Is there an instruction booklet?

Our kits do not include plans or instructions; however, we do stock some plans that can be included with your order at an additional cost, and some of them do include instructions.

What is required to get a kit not listed on your website?

If you are unable to locate the model kit you are looking for on our website; please feel free to reach out to us. We have many plans that we have not created cut files for yet, and we can usually speed that process up if we have someone interested in a model.

What carrier do you use to ship kits?

We use UPS, Federal Express, and the US postal service to ship our packages 

Do you offer support?

Yes, we offer support via email and usually respond within 24hrs or less.

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