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About Us

Kit cutters is owned and operated by three long-time RC Enthusiasts and model airplane builders Vic Goodman, Jon Johnson, and Bob Martin. Vic and Jon first meet in 2015 at the 32nd Annual London Bridge Seaplane Classic in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Both were intrigued by the posters that were being raffled off as prices in the events raffle.

The posters were from events that took place in the late 80's and early 90's called the Schneider Cup Giant Scale Reenactments. Vic, and Jon eventually met Bob who was the originator and chairman of those events and formed Schneider Cup LLC with the goal of designing and building other giant scale Schneider Cup racers and resurrecting those world class events.

As they moved forward with developing those aircraft they saw the need to build prototypes of the new designs but were having trouble finding a laser cutting company that would cut the parts they needed in order to build them. That lead them to purchasing Kit Cutters.

Jon Johnson

Hi Jon Johnson here,

I started with model airplanes, as a lot of you I am sure, with Control Line Cox .049,

Stuka was my favorite. I crashed a lot, rebuilt a lot and loved all of it. 

I moved to RC boats for quite some time. Next I moved to an ARF J3 Cub, loved it and crashed it more than once. 

From there I moved into building balsa wood long kits and had a ball. I currently have a number of planes and love to fly.  

I really enjoy pontoons the most, water provides a much softer landing lol.

I was very lucky to get with Vic and Bob to start a couple of new adventures. Please take a look our website and feel free to give us feedback.

Happy building and happy flying.

Robert D. (Bob) Martin

I have always had a love for airplanes. Assembling my first plane in 1950 began a lifelong love affair with modeling. Early years were filled with U-Control, kits and then my own designs. In 1972 I bought my first proportional RC radio and built several pattern glow engine planes.

In 1976 I started Bob Martin RC Models and developed Dura-lene unbreakable plastic fuselages and went on to develop a line of slope soaring sailplanes which included the Coyote, Katie II, Super Gryphon, and SR-7, all with Dura-lene fuselages. In 1979 I bought the tooling to produce the Hobie Hawk.

In 1985 we moved our operation to Lake Havasu City, AZ and went on to design the Fantasy, Giant Fantasy, Talon, and the world's first all laser cut RC kit the Mystery Ship and the Mystique. At its peak Bob Martin's RC Models was producing 2,500 kits per month world wide. The business was sold in 2001.

Vic Goodman

I've been a builder for as long as I can remember. I believe it all started in my dad's cabinet shop where I would use scraps of wood to build things like a replica of an airplane instrument panel.

From there I moved to plastic airplane and car models and eventually to building and flying U-control models which continued until I joined the US Coast Guard in 1963.

After being honorably discharged from the Coast Guard I moved to Longview, Washington and I started building and flying U-control again. It wasn’t long though and I was bit by the RC bug and started building and flying RC airplanes and developed a real love for building and flying seaplanes and gliders.

Fast forward to today, I still enjoy building and flying RC models but find myself spending even more time building RC related websites like this one.

Now that you know a little more about each of us individually we'd like to share with you the mission and goals for Kit Cutters LLC.

To be continued

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