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Meyer's Little Toot

Designer:   George Meyer

Scale:    (See Below)

Wingspan:    (See Below)


Wing Area:    


Power Required:    

All prices are in US Dollars

Scale Wingspan Full Wood Kit (1) Fuselage Kit (2) Wing Kit (3) Short Kit (4) Plans (5)
1 : 4 57 in $220 $120 $100 $200 $50
1 : 3 78 in $300 $180 $120 $270 $50
Information courtesy of Meyer Aircraft and Photo

(1)    "Full Wood Kit" includes all wood necessary to complete the plane including all sheeting/skin.

(2)    "Fuselage Kit" includes all wood to complete the fuselage including the sheeting/skin.

(3)    "Wing Kit" includes all wood to complete the wing/wings including the sheeting/skin.

(4)    "Short Kit" includes all formers for the fuselage, and ribs for the wing/wings, leading and trailing edges, and wings tips etc. but does not include to any sheeting/skin or regular sized sticks. Our Short Kits include all the wood parts that require more than simple cutting such as stock sized sticks and sheets/skins which can be readily purchased "to size" at local hobby shops. These standardized parts are not included in our Short Kits.

(5)    "Plans" are not include in any of our kits. You can either send us your plans or we can purchase them for you at additional cost. Your plans will not be damaged in the production process.

Accessories for the Little Toot can be obtained from the following:

Meyer Aircraft and Photo

Owner Thomas R. Meyer

170 Park Lane

Double Oak, Texas 75077

Phone Numbers.

Cell 817-269-9292

Home Office. 817-430-3507

Office.  972-406-3637

Fax. 972-488-7456