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                            How To Order

To Obtain Information Complete the "Information Request Form" below or simply send us an e-mail.  If you use the Information Form below, ask your questions in the "Comment Box".  Then click on "Submit".

You will receive a reply to Information Request Form with a price quotation including shipping along with an approximate delivery date within 24 hours.  Please use e-mail for all correspondence as we use e-mail to track all instructions and orders.

To Order, simply reply to the Information Form e-mail we send to you with your intentions and indicate how you wish to handle the your model airplanes plans.  You can either send us your plans or arrange for us to purchase the plans for you; there normally is no deposit required for the kit.  However, we will require advance payment for the cost of the plans if we purchase the plans for you.  In either case, we will ship your plans with your kit or in advance, if you so desire.  Our manufacturing process will not damage your plans.

Payment for your kit will be arranged when your kit is complete.

Payment for plans must be arranged in advance.


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